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Welcome to the Hiking with Kids Page. Here, we've put together a simple page offering guidance in the form of experiences of others (articles & short reports) and some suggestions for kid's outdoor gear thru our affilation with Backcountry.com.

Note the "Kid Stuff" section located on the right-side menu. You'll find interesting and useful information on hiking with children. Also on the right side are the banners listing sources specializing in Kid's Gear which provide a shopping solution for your children's hiking & camping equipment.

In addition, we've provided a kid's gear index below, in affiliation with Backcountry.com, where you can find kid's rain jackets, fleece jackets, kid's sleeping bags, kid's packs and so on.

 Kid's Alpine Skis
 Kid Carriers
 Kids' Backpacks
 Kids' Base Layers
 Kids' Belts
 Kids' Down Jackets
 Kids' Fleece Jackets
 Kids' Gloves & Mittens
 Kids' Goggles
 Kids' Harnesses
 Kids' Hats
 Kids' Helmets
 Kids' Hydration Packs
 Kids' Long-Sleeve Shirts
 Kids' Packs
 Kids' Pants
 Kids' Rain Jackets
 Kids' Ski Jackets
 Kids' Sleeping Bags
 Kids' Ski Boots
 Kids' Ski Helmets
 Kids' Snowboard Bindings
 Kids' Snowboard Boots
 Kids' Snowboard Jackets
 Kids' Snowboards
 Kid's Strollers and Joggers
 Kid's Sunglasses
 Kids' Snowshoes
 Kids' Winter Gloves
 Kids' Wallets
 Kids' Winter Pants

 Girl's Jackets
 Boy's Jackets
 Boy's Pants & Shorts
 Girl's Pants & Shorts
 Girl's Shirts
 Boy's Shirts
 Kid's Gear
 Kid's Footwear
 Boys 8-12 years
 Girls 8-12 years
 Little Boys 4-7 years
 Little Girls 4-7 years
 Toddler & Infant Glovbes
 Toddler & Infant Hats
 Toddler Jackets
 Toddler Jackets
 Toddler Shirts
 Toddler Pants and Shorts
 Family Gear
 Family Camping Tents
 Kid Carriers
 Strollers and Joggers
 Kid's Long Underwear
 Infant Snow Suits
 Infant Jackets
 Infant Shirts
 Infant Pants & Shorts
 Kid's Swimwear


 Boys' Casual Jackets
 Boys' Down Jackets
 Boys' Fleece Jackets
 Boys' Rain Jackets
 Boys' Ski Jackets
 Boys' Snowboard Jackets
 Boys' Softshell Jackets
 Boys' Sweatshirts
 Little Boys' Fleece Jackets
 Little Boys' Rain Jackets
 Little Boys' Ski Jackets
 Little Boys' Snowboard Jackets
 Little Boys' Sweatshirts
 Little Kids' One-piece Snow Suits
 Toddler Boys' Fleece Jackets

 Boys' Board Shorts
 Boys' Casual Pants
 Boys' Casual Shorts
 Boys' Denim Pants
 Boys' Long Underwear Bottoms
 Boys' Rain Pants
 Boys' Ski Pants
 Boys' Snowboard Pants
 Boys' Swim Trunks and Water Shorts
 Little Boys' Casual Pants
 Little Boys' Casual Shorts
 Little Boys' Denim Pants
 Little Boys' Long Underwear Bottoms
 Little Boys' Ski Pants
 Little Boys' Snowboard Pants
 Little Kids' One-piece Snow Suits

 Girls' Casual Jackets
 Girls' Down Jackets
 Girls' Fleece Jackets
 Girls' Rain Jackets
 Girls' Ski Jackets
 Girls' Snowboard Jackets
 Girls' Softshell Jackets
 Girls' Sweatshirt
 Little Girls' Casual Jackets
 Little Girls' Down Jackets
 Little Girls' Fleece Jackets
 Little Girls' Ski Jackets
 Little Girls' Snowboard Jackets
 Little Girls' Sweatshirts
 Little Kids' One-piece Snow Suits

 Girls' Casual Pants
 Girls' Casual Shorts
 Girls' Denim Pants
 Girls' Long Underwear Bottoms
 Girls' Rain Pants
 Girls' Ski Pants
 Girls' Skirts and Dresses
 Girls' Snowboard Pants
 Little Girls' Casual Pants
 Little Girls' Casual Shorts
 Little Girls' Denim Pants
 Little Girls' Long Underwear Bottoms
 Little Girls' Ski Pants
 Little Girls' Skirts and Dresses
 Little Girls' Snowboard Pants
 Little Kids' One-piece Snow Suits


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