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Hiking Gear For Sale! The Hiking Gear Store sells only high quality hiking equipment for all your backcountry adventure.


Hiking Gear -- Backpacks , Tents , Bivy Sacks , Tarps , Sleeping Bags, Other Stuff

You'll find hiking gear for sale and, in general, lots of lightweight and ultralight hiking gear. Western Mountaineering sleeping bags, Marmot tents and Marmot sleeping bags; other overnight hiking gear such as MSR tents and tarps, Integral Designs tents, and Sierra Designs tents. In support of The Hiking Gear Store, there are hiking gear checklists - featuring a generic hiking gear checklist and a hiking gear checklist for each season. There's also a page devoted to the ten essentials - the ten essential hiking gear items one should take on every backpacking trip. In addition to lightweight hiking gear, you'll find other day hiking gear and overnight hiking gear.

Hiking Gear Tips, Hiking Trail Tips, Tips to Reduce Backpack Weight, Hiking Gear For Sale

There's considerable information about researching and buying hiking gear, tips to reduce backpack weight and tips for using hiking gear for multiple purposes to achieve lighter backpacks, and practical backcountry wisdom and knowledge from fellow hikers including homemade hiking gear solutions.

Winter Hiking Gear, Snowshoeing, Snowshoes, and Hiking Poles and Trekking Poles

Winter hiking gear and snowshoeing equipment required for Winter backcountry travel - e.g., snowshoes, ice axe, altimeter, clothes, etc. - are featured.

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