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Welcome to Hiking.biz

Welcome to Hiking.biz - where Hiking is our Biziness !

We hope that you will find our website interesting, fun, rich in information content, with an earthy tone and relaxing design.

Here, you can purchase the hiking equipment you need for camping and hiking and also find information on how to select, use and care for your hiking gear.

In addition to hiking equipment, we present a hiking guide in the form of hiking tips, general hiking information, hiking philosophy & practice, and hiking gear list & checklists. We supplement this instructional content with favorite hiking destinations, photos of landscape, flora and fauna, and interesting tidbits of research and personal experience.

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Our Hiking KIDS section is particularly useful to parents who would like to take their children into the backcountry, providing both the hiking gear and the hiking help necessary for a safe, memorable, family backcountry adventure.

Again, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the Hiking.biz site, and that you also find the hiking equipment you need for your hiking, camping, canoeing and other backcountry activities. If you have comments, suggestions, questions or need help with hiking equipment decisions, please, please contact us:

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hiking equipmentCamping & Hiking Equipment:

Use the menu above to shop for camping and hiking books and equipment. A good source for the hiking & camping gear you need to outfit your entire family (including canine companions).

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hiking equipmentThe Crimson Columbine

Aquilegia formosa of the Buttercup family (a.k.a. Red Columbine, Western Columbine, Sitka Columbine).

The Crimson Columbine is a common and attractive wildflower native to western North America, from Alaska to Baja California and eastward to Montana and Wyoming.

Crimson Columbine

The flowers can be seen from April to August (with some variation between regions) and are about 5 cm long and red and yellow in color.

Within its range, the Crimson Columbine can be found in most kinds of habitat. However, it is not found on desert floors, nor at altitudes above 3300 metres, and it is absent from the Central Valley of California. It prefers moist locations such as stream banks.


hiking equipment
hiking equipment
hiking equipment hiking equipment hiking equipment